EXCLUSIVE: Deals include Icon for UK and Telepool for Germany.

Raucous comedy Bachelorette, starring Kirsten Dunst and produced by (among others) Will Ferrell, is a hot seller for Elle Driver.

The Sundance hit, previously sold to Radius-TWC for the US, has now closed for the UK (Icon), Germany (Telepool), the Middle East (Phars Film), France (Mars), Israel  (United King), Russia - CIS and Baltics (Top Film), Spain (Vertigo), Scandinavia/Iceland (Scanbox), Poland (Hagi), Ex-Yugoslavia & Albania  (Cinemania), Benelux (Paradiso), Turkey  (Medyavision),
Thailand  (M Pictures), Bulgaria (A Plus), Portugal (Films 4You), Australia (Hopscotch/eOne), Rumania/Hungary (Prorom), Latin America (Imagen Film), Switzerland (Frenetic), and Czech Republic/Slovakia (EEAP).

Italy and Japan are expected to close by the end of the market.

“It’s the opposite of Bridesmaids,” Elle Driver MD Adeline Fontan Tessaur said of Bachelorette. “It’s the same subject, same story but more edgy, more catchy, more real.”