EXCLUSIVE: Cinemavault closes slew of deals including Cinderella 3D to Starz/Anchor Bay for US, Canada, UK and Australia.

Cinemavault has closed a string of deals across its slate including a multi-territory all rights deal on Cinderella 3D with Starz/Anchor Bay for the US, Canada, UK and Australia. KSM has picked up German rights.

The Toronto-based company is in active negotiations with Latin America, Spain, China, and South Korea on the €12.5m fairytale adaptation produced by Herold & Family and Delacave.

Gregory Orr’s sci-fi Recreator has sold to Asia (HBO), Australia (Transmission), Germany (More Films), Turkey (DigiTurk), South Korea (Sycomad), Japan (Comstock), Malaysia (Suraya), Latin America (Turner International), Scandinavia and Yugoslavia (NBC Universal) and Thailand and Vietnam (IPA).

Zombie thriller State of Emergency has gone to UK (Revolver), Germany (MIG), Japan (Nettai Museum), Latin America (Turner International), Indonesia (RAPI) and Vietnam and Thailand (IPA) while Canadian western Lawman travels to France (Zylo), Germany (MIG), UK (101 Films), Indonesia (Rapi Films) and Latin America (Turner International). Lionsgate handles US.