Omniverse Vision release made more than $2m on its opening night.

Online marketing and distribution platform Distrify is working on the release of Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day, a concert film shot in 2007 that is being released by Omniverse Vision.

The film made more than $2m globally on its opening night at 1500 screens in 40 countries (190 screens are in the UK). Now fans are able to request further screenings at new locations.

Distrify said it receiving 4,000 demands a day from fans seeking screening in their area.

Peter Gerard, Distrify’s CEO and Co-founder says, “Distrify is triggering thousands of searches for screenings worldwide with 4,000 film fans a day signing up to demand the film which is fantastic. What this means is that a film’s distributor is able to listen to the consumer, track where there is demand for a film, then offer the film to a cinema, and importantly communicate back to the film fan. Through linking consumers seeing the trailer online directly with making advanced ticket bookings Distrify is proving that it can convert searches for showtime information and demand screenings into direct ticket sales and revenue. What we are seeing here is a revolution in how the film industry is talking to its consumers and creating a demand for seeing films that is generated by audiences.”

Grant Calton, Omniverse Vision CEO added, “Being able to reach target audiences is a key part of any film’s release plan but being able to track where there is demand gives the distributor and cinema operators to react more actively to consumer demand in a way that hasn’t been possible before. On top of this excellent opening what we are now seeing is film fans worldwide demanding repeat screenings.