The agreement covers international sales on three new CGI sci-fi films from Active Entertainment and producer Ken Badish.

The titles are the impending apocalypse story Ice Comets, the deadly spider attack project Arachnoquake and the phantom thriller Ghostquake. Production on the first project is set to begin this month.

Echo Bridge and Active cemented their relationship more than a year ago with a slate of five films: Monsterwolf, Swamp Shark, Weather Wars, Miami Magma and Tornado Warning. Films from the original slate have been licensed to premiere broadcasters.

Echo Bridge president of international Dan March called Active “an industry leader”, adding: “We are very pleased to continue this successful collaboration and this new slate fits perfectly with Echo Bridge’s overall growth strategy of increasing our acquisitions of original, first-run quality movies for our international partners.“

“We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Echo Bridge as our international sales partners”, Active president Ken Badish said. “Active Entertainment remains dedicated to efficiently producing high quality films featuring great scripts, talented stars and utilizing our existing relationships with top-notch writers and directors.”