For the fourth year, Europa Distribution will host a workshop at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market.

More than 20 independent distributors will participate in the June 7 event. It is open to delegates at the Annecy MIFA market.

The hot topic will be release strategies for animated films in Europe, including how distributors can use new technologies to attract young audiences.

Speakers include Michaël Ismeni from Le Parc Distribution &  Ecran large sur tableau noir network (Belgium), Alessandra Romanelli from The Magic Lantern (Switzerland), Stefan Tieff, Head of Content and Video promotion at (Germany). The discussion will be moderated by consultant Jean-Paul Commin.

Day 2 of the Europa Distribution workshop will discuss case studies of animated features, including Rabbi’s Cat and Chico and Rita [pictured].

There will also be a think-tank session about animated films in the future MEDIA Programme.