Factory 25 has picked up US rights to The Zellner Brothers’ Kid Thing and has set a day-and-date theatrical and digital release for May 24. Separately, Area 23a has announced details of the Silver Circle release.

Kid Thing screened at Sundance, Berlin and SXSW in 2012 and tells the tale of an unruly ten-year-old girl living in the outskirts of town. David Zellner wrote and directed while Nathan Zellner produced.

Sydney Aguirre and Susan Tyrrell star alongside the Zellners.

  • Event-based distributor Area 23a will open the animation Silver Circle in Los Angeles on Apr 5 ahead of a limited roll-out in New York and major markets. Pasha Roberts directed the dystopian tale of rebels who battle an all-powerful Federal Reserve from Steven Schwartz’s screenplay.