The heist film added an estimated $86.6m through UPI from 6,979 sites in 58 territories as the running total climbed to $184.4m and the film remained the biggest worldwide release for the second weekend.

The rip-roaring session beat Universal’s previous record of $84.3m set by King Kong as the global tally reached $324.7m.

Fast & Furious Five debuted at number one in every one of its 44 new markets, led by Universal’s biggest opening day, two-day haul and weekend session In Mexico on $8.6m from 500.

In Brazil $5m from 310 delivered the studio’s biggest opening day and biggest weekend in Brazil, while Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Trinidad and Uruguay broke records as Universal’s biggest opening day and opening weekend.

The $8.8m debut in France from 500 set a new mark for the franchise and Italy generated $7.4m from 420.

In South East Asia Universal reported record-breaking debuts in Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, thePhilippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Australia stayed top for the third weekend in a row on $2m from 230 for $24.3m as Fast & Furious Five became the biggest of the franchise there. In the second weekend it added $5.9m in Germany from 645 for $18.4m, $5m in Russia from 712 for $22.6m and $3m in Spain from 330 for $11.1m.

In the third weekend the action release raised the tally in the UK from 452 for $23.9m and by $1.7m in South Korea from 239 to $9.4m and by $2.7m. Hanna launched in the UK in fourth place on $1.9m from 413. Hop stands at $61.9m and Paul has reached $50.4m.

  • In its second weekend of wide release, Thor brought in $46m from 12,476 shows in 60 markets through PPI for $176m. At this early stage it has already exceeded the international grosses of X-Men, Fantastic Four and the first Hulk release from Marvel.

The biggest of four openings was in China, where preliminary reports indicated a $2.3m debut from 4,900 sites. The superhero saga added $3.7m in Brazil from 352 for $11.4m, $3.4m in France from 608 for $13.1m and $3.4m in Russia from 637 for $12.4m.

A further $3.2m in the UK from 506 ensured Thor held on to number one and reached $15.8m, while it added $3.2m in Mexico from 518 for $13.1m and $3.1m in Germany from 567 for $10.3m. Spain stands at $9.4m and Australia $16.2m after three. The god of thunder arrives in Japan on Jul 2.

  • Fox International’s animated hit Rio is a week or less away from crossing $300m as $16.2m from 8,706 screens in 67 markets, boosted the tally to $292.3m after only a month in release.

Latest figures put Brazil on $38.4m, Mexico on $25.1m, Russia on $24.6m, the UK on $17.9m and France on $18.9m.

Rio ranks as the biggest Fox and the second biggest industry release in Venezuela where it stands at $6.6m, the third biggest animated film in Brazil and the biggest animated release in India on $2.4m.

Water For Elephants debuted in 23 new markets and grossed $11.1m from 3,764 screens in 45 for $21.3m. It took $2.2m in France from 438 and $2.1m in the UK form 455. Gulliver’s Travels remained the top Hollywood attraction in Japan – where it has amassed $17.4m – and stands at $194m internationally.

  • Source Code brought in an estimate $4.3m this weekend through Summit International licensees as the tally climbed to $40.8m. Something Borrowed plundered $2.7m from 650 screens in seven territories including the UK and Australia.
  • Warner Bros Pictures International’s Red Riding Hood stands at $50m, while Hall Pass has grossed $36.1m and Arthur $12.7m.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s rom-com Just Go With It has amassed $109m while the supernatural horror release Priest starring Paul Bettany opened on $2.9m from 700 in Russia, $1.9m from 500 in Spain and $700,000 from 250 in the UK. The early running total is $5.5m.