Fox International reported that in its third weekend the animation was active on 14,131 screens in 64 markets and has now reached a $339m running total.

Fox International claimed Ice Age: Continental Drift ranked number one in 30 of its 37 markets where rankings were available at time of writing. The early worldwide tally stands at $385m.

Russia led the way on $16.4m from an all-time wide screen count of 2,090 screens as the film scored the biggest opening weekend of the year-to-date and the biggest opening day for an animated film.

The UK debut generated $9.1m from 1,246, which combines with previews for a $20.8m running total. There was a strong Hong Kong launch on $2.1m from 127.

Germany produced $12.4m after climbing 7% in the second weekend from 1,214 for $33.6m. France led the third weekend holdovers on $6.9m from 1,019 for $34.3m, which ranks as the second biggest territory gross so far behind $34.9m in Mexico following a $4.4m gross there from 1,046.

Staying with the third weekend holds, Ice Age 4 grossed $5.3m in Brazil from 891 for $28.6m, $4.1m in Australia from 456 for $23.7m and $2.6m in Argentina from 270 for $14.8m for the industry’s biggest third weekend. Spain stands at $13.2m, Colombia a staggering $10.1m, Norway $6.8m and Sweden $5.1m.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter captured a further $2.7m from 1,493 screens in 19 territories for a $30.1m running total. The action fantasy stands at $11.6m in Russia. Prometheus has amassed $175.1m overall and $32.7m in the UK after seven weekends.

  • Turning to The Amazing Spider-Man, the superhero reboot grossed $66.6m from 16,575 screens in 87 markets to reach $320.4m through Sony Pictures Releasing International and $521m worldwide. It brought in a further $6m in the UK from 911 in the second weekend for $29.5m and added $5.2m in Mexico from 2,395 for $19.6m and $4.9m in Brazil from 906 for $17.5m.

Elsewhere the webslinger added $4.8m in South Korea from 645 for $32.2m after three sessions, $3.9m in France from 798 for $13.9m after two, $3.8m in Australia from 581 for $14.1m after two and $3.1m in Japan from 1,087 for $27.5m after three. 

  • R-rated comedy Ted grossed $9.7m through Universal Pictures International from 353 sites in four territories to boost the early international running total to $31.3m and the global tally to $190.3m.

It opened top in New Zealand on an excellent $1.5m from 56 and stayed top for the second weekend in Australia as $6.9m from 237 resulted in Universal’s biggest second weekend and raised the tally to a sensational $24.5m.

Snow White And The Huntsman added $9.3m from 4,000 sites in 55 territories to reached $218.8m and pulled off a $3.7m number one launch in Italy from 398 venues including previews. Australia was the top holdover on $1.5m from 244 for $18.3m after four weekends.

Oliver Stone’s drugs drama Savages took $1m from Mexico, Trinidad and Turkey while The Five-Year Engagement stands at $18.3m.  Universal distributes What To Expect When You’re Expecting in Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Latin America and the rom-com opened in Spain and French-Switzerland this weekend on $760,000.

  • Paramount Pictures International reported that DreamWorks Animations’ Madagascar 3 grossed $4.6m from 5,470 cinemas in 42 countries in its sixth weekend to reach $270.1m.

The film added $1.1m in France from 630 for $24.5m and has become the biggest animation and the third biggest industry release of all time in Russia on $48.6m.

Katy Perry: Part Of Me stands at an early $4.1m while The Dictator stands at $97.4m and opened top in Spain on $1.8m from 328 sites.