The US deal on Conor Allyn’s action thriller starring Lutz and Mickey Rourke was announced on Monday (5).

Allyn co-wrote the screenplay with his father and Margate House Films partner Rob Allyn. The story takes place in Indonesia as a vengeful American teams up with a cerebral Muslim detective to locate a terrorist. Ario Bayu also stars.

“Conor Allyn has masterfully crafted a tour-de-force thrill ride that will be sure to impress both longtime fans of Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz,” said Sundance Selects/IFC Films president Jonathan Sehring.

“Our goal was to take the action movie audience on a thrill ride into the heart of the world’s largest Muslim nation, as our two heroes wrestle with the cultural stereotypes that divide the West and Islam,” said Conor Allyn.

“As the premiere pioneer in bringing out independent films that entertain, enlighten and challenge audiences with a fresh perspective on the world, IFC is our dream distributor to share Java Heat with cinema and home audiences in the United States.”

Allyn’s credits include the Red & White trilogy of epic war dramas set in the Indonesian revolution of the late 1940s.

Margate House Films was founded by Conor and Rob Allyn, a former international political consultant and bestselling author of Revolution Of Hope.

The deal includes nationwide theatrical distribution and was negotiated between Arianna Bocco and WME Global on behalf of the filmmakers.