IMAX has signed a deal with Omnijoi Cinema Development Co to install five more theatre systems in Chinese locations including the cities of Qingdao, Nantong and Suzhou.

IMAX and Omnijoi (formerly known as Jiangsu Eudemonia Blue Ocean Cinema Development) previously signed an agreement covering eight locations, including an existing cinema in Suzhou and one soon to open in Nanjing.

The new deal, which is for newly-built cinemas expected to open in 2014 and 2015, brings the number of IMAX theatres in China to 92, with another 133 set to open.

In a statement, Omnijoi managing director Wang Zhen said: “Chinese audiences appreciate the quality and immersive nature of The IMAX Experience, and today we are delighted to add additional IMAX theatres to our circuit. Also, based on the success of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate at our IMAX theatre in Suzhou, we are pleased with IMAX’s increasing efforts to present local Chinese films alongside the Hollywood blockbusters, which we are confident will continue to thrill our patrons.”

IMAX CEO Richard L Gelfond added: “Since entering China over 10 years ago, IMAX has grown with the Chinese film and exhibition industry, becoming an inherent part of the Chinese movie-going experience.”