Vicky Jewson’s action thriller Born of War is being released by Nikkatsu in Japan this weekend under the title MIA.

The film stars Sofia Black D’Elia and James Frain. The story is about a young girl avenging the death of her parents who is thrown into the world of international espionage.

Arclight Films’ Darclight label handles international sales and closed the deal with Nikkatsu.

The film was shot on location in the UK in Oxford, London and Scotland; Cyprus; and Jordan.

“From the start I wanted the film and the central heroine to have a blend of gritty reality that an audience could really get behind,” said Director Vicky Jewson. “She is an everyday girl facing extraordinary circumstances forcing the question when your life is in danger could you sand up and fight for it? I feel Born of War has achieved this as well as an edge of your seat pace. It is very action driven but maintains a strong heart and working with Sofia Black D’Elia and strong character actor James Frain very much enforced this.”

The film’s US and UK releases will follow later this year.

This is Jewson’s second feature at only age 27.