Jean Labadie’s Paris-based sales and distribution outfit Le Pacte has racked up a raft of international sales on Francois Ozon’s Le Refuge.

The film, starring Isabelle Carre, Louis-Ronan Choisy, Pierre-Louis Calixte and Melvil Poupaud, is the story of a woman who loses her lover to drugs. Learning she’s pregnant, the woman takes refuge in a house far from Paris where she is joined by her deceased love’s brother.

Territories acquiring the film include the UK (Artificial Eye), Germany (Arsenal), Spain (Karma), Hong Kong (Golden Scene), Brazil (Imovision), Italy (Teodora), Switzerland (Frenetic), South Korea (Mediasoft), Benelux (ABC Cinemien), CIS (Russian Report), Argentina (Distribution Company) Austria (Filmladen), Poland (SPI), Czech Republic (DMC), Bulgaria (Vadi Van Kris), Turkey (Bir Film) and Greece (Nutopia). North America is currently under negotiation.

Le Refuge debuted in Toronto in the Masters section and  won a special jury prize in San Sebastian earlier this year.

Other films on Le Pacte’s slate to have performed well at the recent AFM include Christophe Honore’s Making Plans For Lena which sold to CIS (Russian Report), Brazil (Imovision) and Belgium (Film de l’Elysee) with the US in talks. Further, The Queen Of Clubs by Jerome Bonnell sold to Benelux (Victory Productions).