UK distributor launches digital aggregation service for distributors and rights holders

UK distributor Metrodome has launched a digital aggregation service, Met Digital, for UK distributors and rights holders.

The service is launching with new signings Second Sight and Palisades Tartan, while discussions are ongoing with other labels. It has a direct relationship with iTunes.

The service will be managed by John Ramchandani, Metrodome’s Head of Sales.

Head of Distribution Jezz Vernon explained the decision to launch the service: “We had been approached by several labels and rights owners over recent months wanting to know if we would handle digital sales for them, they weren’t satisfied with their current providers or were just starting to focus on digital rights and wanted to understand how we had achieved our results. For many years we’d handled DVD sales for a variety of other labels so the move into digital aggregation felt like a natural step for us, coupling our ability to over perform in the digital space, a competitive fee structure and a committed team to create a standalone service for other rights holders.”

In August, Metrodome acquired Hollywood Classsics in a deal worth $2.6m (£1.6m).