Men in Black 3 dominated the international box office again this weekend though Snow White and Prometheus both made good international starts.

After opening around the globe last weekend, MIB3 was down a modest 39% this weekend, taking an estimated $79.1m from 19,992 screens in 90 markets, for an international total to so far of $275.4m.

Distributor Sony Pictures Releasing International said the sci-fi comedy had its biggest weekend result in China, where it remained at number one with takings down only 29% to an estimated $15.4m from 5,200 screens, for a total in the territory of $51m.

In Germany the take was down a mere 2%, to $5.3m from 987 screens, keeping the film at number one and bringing its total in the market to $13.9m.

In the UK the weekend take was up 2% to $4.9m from 913 screens - good enough for second place - for a market total of $12.9m.

Other strong holds came in Japan, where the take was down 36% to $5.3m from 980 screens (for a local total of $19.7m); Mexico, where another 36% drop resulted in $3.6m from 1,247 screens (total $11.8m); and Australia, where $3.6m from 596 screens (total $10.3m) represented a slip of only 29%.

The biggest drop in a major territory came in Russia, where MIB3 was down 62% with $7m from 1,549 screens (market total $30.8m).

Opening in many markets simultaneously with its chart-topping North American release, Snow White and the Huntsman grossed an estimated $39.3m from 4,487 dates in 45 international territories, in 30 of which it was the weekend’s top film.

Universal Pictures International (UPI) said the fantasy adventure took an estimated $5.5m from 476 dates in the UK, $4m from 618 in Germany and $3.8m from 393 in Spain.

Mexico produced $4.4m from 571 dates, Brazil $2.5m from 328 and Argentina $975,000 from 102.

In Korea Snow White took an estimated $3m from 258 dates.

Fox International opened Prometheus in 15 international markets a week before the film is set to open in North America. The early launch produced an estimated gross of $35m from a total of 4,695 screens (around 3,300 of them 3D-equipped), with the sci-fi horror film coming top in 14 markets.

In Russia the film gave Fox its third highest opening ever with an estimated $11.1m from 1,670 screens.

In the UK Prometheus had the biggest three-day opening ever for a Ridley Scott film: $10m from 1,019 screens.

In both France, where it took $7.1m from 665 screens, and Sweden, which produced $1.6m from 172 screens, the film had the second biggest opening weekend grosses of the year so far.

Marvel’s The Avengers continued its box office rampage with an estimated $12.4m from 54 international territories, for an international total to date of $802.5m. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International said that makes the film the fifth biggest international performer of all time, just half a million behind Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Dark Shadows, from Warner Bros Pictures International, took an estimated $7.2m (representing 712,000 admissions) from over 4,000 screens in 52 international markets, for an international total so far of $120.5m.

In Japan the film was down only 26% in its third weekend, taking $2.3m from 572 screens for a local total of $18.7m.

The Dictator, from Paramount Pictures International (PPI), played over its third weekend at 2,865 locations in 30 international markets and grossed $6.5m, bringing the comedy’s international total to $60.6m.

The take was down just 10% in Germany, with $1.4 m from 515 locations for a total of $8.8m. In Australia the drop was 45%, to $1.3m from 260 locations (total $11.5m). And in the UK, the gross was down 39% to $1m from 328 locations (total $14.4m).

PPI opened Hugo in China this weekend and took an estimated $2.7m from 6,000 engagements, for an international total in PPI territories of $81.3m.

UPI’s American Pie: Reunion, took another $2.4m from 1,600 dates in 31 territories, pushing the comedy’s international total to $169.8m.

Battleship took an estimated $1.5m from 4,000 dates in 37 territories, UPI reported, raising its international total to $235m.

The studio’s Dr Seuss’s The Lorax added $1.1m from 1,000 dates in 30 territories for an international total of $97m. The film opened at number two in Italy with $1m from 365 dates, a take UPI said was smaller than expected because of the recent earthquake.

Moonrise Kingdom, which UPI is distributing in a number of international markets, was down just 20% over its second weekend in the UK, taking an estimated $330,000 from 133 dates.

Fox International’s Best Exotic Marigold Hotel added $557,000 this weekend from 503 screens in 13 markets, bringing the film’s international total to $82.2m.

And Fox’s The Descendants took in another $218,000 from 226 screens in Japan, for an international total of $94m.