France’s Other Angle has added three films to its Berlin slate. All Our Desires, from director Philippe Lioret, is an adaptation of Emmanuel Carrère’s book, D’Autres Vies Que La Mienne, which matches Marie Gillain and Vincent Lindon as a novice and an experienced judge.

Mars is releasing the film in France in November.

You Will Be My Son is a father and son story starring A Prophet’s Niels Arestrup and directed by Gilles Legrand. The film follows the plight of a vineyard owner who, unhappy with his own son, dreams of choosing another as his heir. Universal is releasing in France in August.

First Love, the feature directorial debut of La Première Etoile writer and producer Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar, is a passionate love story between two youngsters. Mars will release in France in October.

Also on Other Angle’s lineup are Nicostratos The Pelican starring Emir Kusturica which Warner Bros. is releasing in France in June; Michel G, King Of The World from director Stéphane Kazandjian; Meeting With An Angel by Yves Thomas, Sophie de Daruvar and starring Sergi Lopez, Isabelle Carre and Trading Dresses, starring Carole Bouquet and Julie Depardieu which ARP released in France in December.