Paramount’s savvy Facebook marketing campaign launched nearly three months ago and has engaged fans from Russia to Peru.

At the start of August the studio invited devotees of the upcoming horror release to vote for Paranormal Activity 4 to screen in their city for one-off shows on Oct 16, three days before the official launch.

The Want it app recognises the geographical location of voters.

The 25 cities that received the most votes and earned a free screening are: Lima, Peru; São Paulo, Brazil; Lake Bluff, Illinois; Mexico City, Mexico; Brasília, Brazil; Los Angeles, California; Fresno, California; Purchase, New York; Houston, Texas; Bogotá, Colombia; Moscow, Russia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; New York, New York; London, England; Paris, France; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Chicago, Illinois; Santiago, Chile; Munich, Germany; Sheffield, England; Toronto, Canada; San Antonio, Texas; Göteborg, Sweden and Orlando, Florida.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman directed the film.