The blue wave continued to rule internationally as Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) family film grossed an estimated $35.3m from 10,590 screens in 54 markets to reach $211.4m.

The Smurfs brought in $3.9m in the third weekend in Brazil on 507 for $22.2m, $2.5m in the second weekend in Russia on 647 for $9.2m and $2.4m in the second weekend in the UK on 773 for $12.6m.

A further $2.3m in the third weekend in Mexico on 1,024 raised the tally to $17.1m, while $2.2m in the third session in France on 515 resulted in $15.7m and $1.8m in the third in Germany on 828 boosted the score to $17.8m.

The Smurfs generated $1.5m in South Korea on 269 in the second weekend for $5.7m and stands at $14.1m in Spain after four. The number one Polish debuted resulted in a mighty $1.5m from 129.

Bad Teacher added $3.4m from 1,400 in 37 for $98.8m and was powered by a number three $1.2m Brazilian launch on 179. The R-rated comedy has amassed $18.5m in Germany after nine sessions and $8.5m in France after four.

A strong number one launch for Friends With Benefits powered the rom-com to a $3.3m weekend from 480 in 10 markets and stands at an early $13.4m. Family comedy Zookeeper grossed $2.8m from 1,850 in 40 to reach $62.2m.

  • Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes soared past $100m thanks to a $29.6m weekend haul from 6,271 screens in 48 markets that elevated the running total to $123.7m.

The action drama pulled off a mighty $7.1m launch in South Korea on 525 for second place and the third biggest Fox debut ever. In the second weekend, it added $4.3m in France on 702 for $16m and $3.9m in the UK on 747 for $19.1m. A further $1.9m in Australia on 251 boosted the score to $12.9m after three, while $1.8m in Germany on 729 pushed the tally to $8.1m after two and $1.6m in Spain on 490 resulted in $14.6m after three.

Apes stands at $11.3m in Russia and $3.5m in Taiwan after three. It opened in Sweden in second place on $947,426 on 102 and Holland on $805,607 on 104.

Mr Popper’s Penguins grossed $2.8m from 2,452 in 26 for $96.6m and launched in Belgium in third place on $459,148 on 85. The UK has generated $9.2m after three weekends. Fox International Productions’ Assalto Ao Banco Central stands at $11.2m in Brazil after five, while Glee opened in the UK on $583,019 on 333 and has grossed $2.8m from the early stages and Monte Carlo and X-Men: First Class stand at $8.1m and $206.8m, respectively.

  • Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has reached $900m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) following a $14.3m weekend from 60 territories. The film ranks as the fourth biggest in history in the UK on $110.6m and has amassed $106.4m in Japan.

Deathly Hallows earned the Goldene Leinwand award in Germany for passing 6million admissions and has grossed $76.5m. It stands at $64m in France, $54m in Australia, $36.5m in Russia, $36.1m in Brazil, $35.6m in Mexico, $32.2m in Italy and $22m in Spain.

WBPI’s Green Lantern is at $78.6m and opened in Brazil on a solid $3.3m from 352. Horrible Bosses is at $45m and opened in France on $1.7m including previews from 258 and opened top in Italy on a solid $1.1m from 268. Crazy, Stupid, Love. grossed $4.2m from approximately 1,150 screens in 12 markets for an early $5.1m running total. It opened well in Germany on $1.5m including previews from 394 and debuted in Mexico on $1.4m including previews from 457.

  • Captain America mustered $12m through PPI from 4,718 sites in 51 markets for a $147m running total. There were six launches led by France on $3.5m from 480 and Germany on a $2.2m number one debut from 460.

Super 8 crossed $100m mark as $9m from 3,271 sites in 55 territories pushed the tally to $108.2m. The adventure opened top in Spain on an excellent $4.1m from 386, while there was a solid hold in France in the third weekend on $1.3m from 558 for $10.5m.

The early running total for Cowboys And Aliens climbed to $18m following $8.1m from 2,376 sites in 22 territories and the sci-fi adventure opened in the UK On $3m from 476 and arrived in Australia on $2.2m from 229. It opens in 18 next weekend including Germany, France and Mexico.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon has reached $747m following a $6.1m haul from 5,882 in 62 markets. Easily the biggest entry in the franchise internationally, the film added $2.5m in the post-Obon weekend for $44.4m and stands at $159.1m in China after brining in $2m from 4,371 in its fifth weekend.

Kung Fu Panda 2 grossed $5.5m from 1,522 in 61 territories for $459m and launched in Japan on $3.2m from 305.  

  • UPI reported that Bridesmaids added $3.4m from 2,150 locations in 40 territories for $104.8m. The smash comedy opened in Italy on $530,000 from 245 including previews to rank third. The UK remains the biggest territory on $36.5m, followed by Australia on $28.8m and Germany on $7.9m.

Hop opened in the final market of Japan on $780,000 from 109 as the international running total climbed to $76.5m. Jane Eyre is in its second weekend in Australia where it has taken $2m. Universal also holds rights for the UK, where the drama will open on Sept 9, and will follow that with the New Zealand launch on Sept 15.

Senna stands at $7.6m from seven territories. Fast And Furious Five stands at $396.8m and $606.6m worldwide. That $400m milestone should be attainable when the action film opens in Japan on Oct 11.