Universal’s Johnny English may have been breathing down their necks but Sony’s smurfs kept their cool to hold on to pole position as an estimated $17.3m from 6,900 screens in 72 markets boosted the running total to $344.5m

The family release opened top in Australia through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) on $3.8m from 384 and top in Italy on $3.7m from 556. It stands at $31.9m in Brazil after seven weekends and approximately $25.3m in three key markets: the UK after six and Germany and France after seven. Mexico has generated $20.8m after seven.

Friends With Benefits has amassed $42.8m following a $9.2m session in 31 markets and has produced $6.7m in the UK after two and $5.5m in Germany, also after two.

Battle: Los Angeles opened in second place in Japan on $2.2m from 391 and has amassed $121.4m internationally. Zookeeper stands at $75.4m.

  • Johnny English Reborn enjoyed a strong first sortie through Universal Pictures International (UPI), grossing $11.7m from 1,372 venues in 15 markets. The spy spoof starring Rowan Atkinson debuted at number in 13 of those markets led by Russia on $2.5m from 574.

UPI claimed Australia delivered a number one launch on $2.6m from 239 however SPRI will doubtless have something to say about that given that it reported the same status for The Smurfs on $3.8m (see above).

The Change-Up added $2.6m from 1,276 in 16 for $11.1m and opened fourth in the UK on $1.2m from 419. Sanctum, which Universal has for limited markets, launched in Japan in second place on $1.5m from 213. Jane Eyre stands at $7.7m through Universal and $9.5m overall and has generated $4.4m in the UK after two weekends.

Bridesmaids is at $115.8m and is the top release of the year-to-date in the Republic of Ireland. OneDay stands at $13.7m through UPI and $20.6m through al distributors.

  • Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes added $7.8m from 4,386 screens in 47 markets for $221.2m.

The primates held in second place in both Mexico in the third weekend as $1.8m from 1,030 boosted the tally to $11.7m and in Brazil as $1.2m from 471 elevated the score to $13.6m. The film has generated $32.7m in the UK and $26.8m in France, both after six weekends.

Mr Popper’s Penguins added $2.5m from 1,000 in 13 for $111.7m and the family film has reached $12.7m in the UK after seven and $4.8m in South Korea after two.

Fox International Productions’ first Tamil release Anytime, Anywhere launched in India on $371,000 from 163. FIP’s What A Man stands at $13.5m in Germany after four.

Glee stands at $4.8m and Miss Bala has amassed $387,275 in Mexico after two weekends.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Final Destination 5 plundered a further $6.5m from more than 3,200 screens in 49 territories for an international running total of $88.8m. The genre release stands at $18.6m in Russia, $8.7m in France and $8.6m in the UK.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. added $4.7m from close to 1,700 in 19 after launching in nine more markets. The running total stands at $27.3m and the film opened in France in second place on $1.5m from 272. Horrible Bosses has grossed $84.5m and brought in a further $4.2m over the weekend from close to 2,000 screens in 46 markets.

Mannerherzen 2, a Warner Bros Pictures Germany co-production with Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion, opened top in Germany on $3m. It also opened in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland and has amassed $3.5m in total.

Don Gato, a Warner Bros acquisitions in Mexico that was produced by Mexico’s Anima Estudios and Argentina’s Illusion Studios, opened at number one in Mexico on $3.4m from 1,007 screens.

Contagion grossed $1.3m from 574,000 screens in seven markets for an early $4.3m tally and the thriller has taken $1.5m from Italy after two weekends. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 has amassed $946.7m while Green Lantern stands at 4105.4m.

  • Paramount Pictures International (PPI) reported that Captain America seized $5.1m from 8,429 sites in 60 overseas markets as the running total climbed to $184.6m. In the second weekend in China the film added $3.4m from 7,000 venues for $12.1m.

Cowboys And Aliens stands at $64m, while Super 8 has reached $129.2m. Kung Fu Panda 2 is at $494m.

  • The Lion King (in 3D), the reformatted hit from 1994, grossed $700,000 in its sixth weekend through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to reach $12.1m from 17 territories. The film amassed $784.3m through from its earlier forays over the years. The 3D version previously opened in Mexico and Brazil where it has grossed $5.6m and $2.2m, respectively.

Cars 2 stands at $360.4m while DreamWorks’ The Help has reached an early $5.6m mostly from Australia, where it has generated $5m. DreamWorks’ Fright Night stands at an early $11.1m.