Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) blue wave ruled yet again at the box as an estimated $10.7m weekend gross from 5,400 screens in seven markets boosted the tally to a confirmed $380.6m.

Meanwhile Lionsgate reported that Abduction grossed $9.4m over the weekend fired up by a pair of second place debuts in the France and the UK that drew $1.8m and $1.4m, respectively.

The Taylor Lautner vehicle opened top in Mexico on $1.2m, which means the thriller has now debuted at number one in eight Latin American territories. It also debuted in South Korea, launching on $565,000. The film’s early international running total stands at $19.8m.

Returning to SPRI’s The Smurfs, the biggest result came from the third weekend in Australia where the film stayed top on $3.4m from 507 for $14.2m. It did the same in Italy, adding $2m from 554 for $12.1m after three weekends. 

A number one debut in South Africa generated $887,062 from 111 for the tenth biggest launch in industry history.

A further $420,337 in the UK from 522 resulted in $26.6m after eight weekends. Brazil remains the lead territory on $32.7m while Germany and France have produced $26.8m and $26.2m respectively after nine weekends.

Sony’s Friends With Benefits was also on fine form, grossing $8.2m from 3,184 in 65 for $67.3m, fired up by a $1.3m number one launch in Brazil on 200. The rom-com added $1m in the second weekend in Spain from 342 for $3.6m and $1m in the fourth session in Germany from 486 for $8.4m. The film has amassed $9.6m in the UK and $4.7m in France, both after four.

Universal’s Johnny English Reborn was in action and took a confirmed $8.6m from 1,939 sites in 22 territories as the early international running total climbed to $36.4m. The spy spoof opened top in Hong Kong on $1.4m from 38, a terrific result that delivered the biggest comedy launch of the year-to-date, Universal’s biggest debut of the year and a career high for star Rowan Atkinson.

The comedy opened top in Spain on $2m from 345 in what appears to be another career best for Atkinson. Australia held strong in third place on $1.8m from 239 for $8.9m after three sessions heading into Monday’s national holiday. There are 41 territories to go including the UK and Germany this week. Fast And Furious Five crossed $400m thanks to a number one debut in Japan on an excellent $6.5m from 328 including previews – the best in the series so far. The international running total stands at $406.3m.

Latest figures put The Change-Up on $17.5m and The Debt on $8m following a debut of $675,000 in sixth place in the UK, where all releases were affected by the heatwave.

Despite the freakishly splendid British weather, StudioCanal’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy brought in more great business and stayed top for the third consecutive weekend on $1.7m for a $14.2m running total.

Sanctum has grossed $12.1m from the Universal markets of Japan, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Including other territories licensed by FilmNation the film stands at $104m. Jayne Eyre is at $10.7m from three territories and the comedy smash Bridesmaids stands at $117.6m.

Warner Bros Pictures International reported that Crazy, Stupid, Love. added a confirmed $6.6m from 2,670 screens in 47 markets for $44.8m and has reached $3.6m in France and $3.1m in the UK, both after two sessions.

New Line’s Final Destination 5 grossed $4.7m from 2,390 in 49 markets for $105.8m. The film stands at $19.2m in Russia, $9.8m in France and a final gross of $8.9m in the UK. Horrible Bosses is at $92.3m while Contagion in its early days stands at $7.3m and has reached $2.1m in Italy after three and $1.4m in South Korea after two.

Summit International reported that 3D adventure The Three Musketeers opened in a further 14 markets and grossed $4.9m from roughly 1,200 screens across all territories including holdover Germany. The film was expected to place second in Spain following a $1.4m debut from 341 sites and already stands at $20.4m internationally.

Fox International’s Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes added a confirmed $3.3m from 2,582 screens in 30 markets fired up by a $342,294 number one launch in Venezuela on 80. Overall the film has reached $236.3m and there are still Japan and China to go at the end of the month.

Comedy What’s Your Number? opened day-and-date with North America in 12 markets and took $2.2m, including a $828,976 launch in Russia on 479. Mr Popper’s Penguins stands at $117.8m and Fox International Production’s What A Man has grossed $15.6m in Germany and is the second biggest local German release of the year so far.

The Lion King 3D brought in a further $1.8m for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International and stands at $19m. DreamWorks’ Fright Night remake stands at $18.8m and stablemate The Help has grossed $8.7m so far and $168.1m worldwide.

Latest figures from PPI put Cowboys And Aliens at $66.9m, Super 8 at $131.9m and DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 2 on $496.3m.