Sola Media is handling sales on Jelly T, the sequel to Freddy Frogface.

Here in the market, Sola Media’s Solveig Langeland has revealed further details about the film, part of atrilogy from Danish kids’ author Ole Lund Kirkegaard.

Jelly T, which is close to completion, is a 3D animated feature.

Ivan Olssen, bullied at school and despised by his dad (who calls him a “jelly Tarzan”), develops magic powers that enable to him fight back. The director is Michael Hegner (Niko And The Way To The Stars).

The third film in the cycle, Otto The Rhinoceros, is in production now and will be ready for Berlin 2013.

Crone Films produces the trilogy, which is handled in Scandinavia by Svensk.

Also, Sola has sold Marco Macaco: Let’s Go Bananas to Korea (Smile) and Russia (Luxor).

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