Steven Spielberg’s family animation adventure is off to a flying start through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) and Paramount Pictures International (PPI). France stands out with a confirmed $20.9m debut on 935 screens.

The Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn’s confirmed weekend haul of $56.2m from 5,415 screens in 19 markets was led by that remarkable French debut, which generated 39% market share and the biggest opening weekend ever for an original film and the second biggest launch of the year-to-date behind the final Harry Potter instalment.

The overall weekend box office divides up with roughly $45.1m coming from 18 Sony markets and the single PPI release for the weekend coming from a magnificent $10.7m UK debut on 750.

In other notable results the film grossed $6.7m in Spain from 855, $4.5m in Germany from 847, $1.9m in Tintin creator Herge’s native Belgium on 169 for the second biggest release of the year so far and $2.2m in Sweden on 320.

Elsewhere the new arrival generated $1.5m in Switzerland on 174, $1.6m in Denmark on 286 for the third biggest launch of the year-to-date, $1.4m in Italy on 466, $1m in Holland on 238 and $753,000 in Portugal on 211.

  • Last weekend’s champion Paranormal Activity 3 added $17m through PPI from 3,796 locales in 48 markets for an early $54.2m running total. The horror film added $3.1m in the UK from 419 for $12.3m after two weekends and has grossed $5.9m in Australia and $5.5m in France.

PPI also launch DreamWorks Animation’s Puss In Boots day-and-date with North America in Russia and Ukraine for a terrific $17m from 950 sites, $15m of that coming from 700 sites in Russia for the biggest original animated debut and autumn season debut in history. It was also the seventh biggest industry opening, DreamWorks Animation’s second biggest launch behind Shrek 4, PPI’s third biggest launch behind Shrek 4 and Transformers 3 and the third biggest opening of the year behind Pirates 4 and Transformers 3.

The Ukraine debt for Puss In Boots on $1.7m from 110 generated the biggest animated launch in history.

  • Eros International’s Ra.One broke Hindi box-office records and made $35m worldwide over its first five days. Shah Rukh Khan’s film was helped by the Diwali holiday in India.
  • Fox International’s sci-fi thriller In Time arrived day-and-date with North America and produced a confirmed $15.6m from 2,514 screens in 35 markets. Leading the way were a number two launch in Russia on $4.9m from 903, a number one Australian debut on $2.6m from 279 and a number three launch in South Korea on $1.7m from 276.
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International reported that DreamWorks’ family drama Real Steel crossed $100m as $12.2m from 34 territories raised the tally to $108m. It’s taken $19m in Russia, $13.9m in South Korea, $10.9m in Mexico, $10.3m in Australia, $7.1m in Taiwan and $6.6m in the UK.

Stablemate The Help stands at $16m following a $3.5m haul from 16 territories. The drama has taken $7.9m in Australia and $1.6m in France, $1.4m in the UK. The Lion King 3D has amassed $50.7m.

  • Constantin’s The Three Musketeers grossed $12.8m from roughly 5,300 screens through Summit International licensees for $84m. The 3D adventure opened in around 10 news markets including Japan and Mexico. Source Code has grossed $87m through Summit International licensees.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes opened in China where it generated an excellent $8.9m according to confirmed results on Monday (Oct 31) from 2,600 screens. Overall the film added $10.4m from 3,300 in eight remaining markets for $278.9m. What’s Your Number stands at $14.5m.

  • Universal’s Johnny English Reborn brought in a confirmed $13m through UPI from 4,107 sites in 53 territories for a superb $126.3m running total with eight territories to go. There were record breaking launches in Trinidad on and Indonesia. The comedy has grossed $27.6m in the UK after four weekends.

The Change–Up stands at $29.5m and The Thing $4.1m while Fast And Furious Five has generated $417.8m overall and $18m in the final market of Japan. The Debt has reached $12m and One Day stands at $15.6m through UPI and $29m through all distributors.

  • Contagion added a confirmed $8.5m through Warner Bros Pictures International from approximately 2,800 screens in 45 territories as the running total reached $36m. The drama opened in Brazil on $823,000 from 143 screens, $679,000 in Mexico from 308 and $345,000 in Argentina from 68.’

La Peggior Settimana Della Mia Vita, a Colorado Film Production film in collaboration with RTI, opened through Warner Bros Entertainment Italia at number one on $3.3m from 478.

SPRI’s The Smurfs brought in a further $1.9m from 2,320 screens in 57 markets for $412.8m while Friends With Benefits stands at $92.1m and Moneyball has grossed an early $2.4m from several weekends in Russia, Mexico and Venezuela. Roland Emmerich’s Shakespeare mystery Anonymous debuted in the US on $290,000 from 122 screens.

PPI’s Footloose added $1.4m from 1,150 for an early $8.2m tally.

Finally Eros International Media reported that Ra.One starring Shah Rukh Khan opened worldwide on Oct 26 and grossed 62.5 crore in its first two days in India.

  • Lionsgate reported that Warrior stands at $5.8m and opened in Joel Edgerton’s native Australia at the weekend in fifth palce on $746,000 while Abduction has grossed $49m.
  • Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy has amassed $21.8m in the UK through StudioCanal.