First instalment of Breaking Dawn now gets +11 rating instad of +15 rating.

The Administrative Court of Stockholm has reversed the decision of the Swedish Media Council to ban US director Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 for audiences under 15, after the court has seen the film with credits and subtitles.

While the first film in the Twilight series carried the +15 rating, number two got +11 (which includes children from 7 accompanied by parents) after appeal, and number three was immediately permitted to the +11s. The Media Council did not like the anxiety, gory horror and bloody childbirth in the fourth installment.

The Administrative Court gave no reason for its ruling, but remarked that it finds the content in the film of such a character that it can be approved for public screening to audiences +11 without damaging the condition of children that age.

”It is a decision which Twilight fans will be pleased to know – the film has a strong following especially by audiences between 13-20,” said managing director Pia Grünler, of Nordisk Film Distribution Sweden, which will launch the continuing story of Bella and Edward’s impossible love on 184 screens in Sweden tomorrow (Nov 16).

While the first Twilight reached 216,574 admissions in Sweden, the second New Moon took 517,221, and the third Eclipse sold 542,079 tickets. Danish major, Nordisk Film, releases the vampire series in the whole of Scandinavia.