Fox International’s runaway train thriller launched day-and-date with North America in 39 territories and grossed $19.3m from 4,137 screens, the distributor confirmed on Monday [15]. It will enjoy a brief reign given that Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 arrives next week.

A handful of the top ten major markets received the Denzel Washington starrer with China leading the way on a $5.6m number one launch from 1,200 screens.

Unstoppable took $2.7m in France from 430, while Spain generated a number one launch on $1.6m from 334 and Germany produced a second place finish on $1.2m from 504.

The thriller was the top Hollywood film in South Korea and ranked third overall on $1.3m from 287, while Taiwan produced $1m from 91 to rank top and Italy generated $817,567 from 264 to rank as the second Hollywood film behind The Social Network.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps added $813,414 from 1,060 in 18 for $77.1m and Knight & Day has amassed $184.3m and $26.3m in Japan alone.

  • Last weekend’s champion Due Date added $17.7m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 4,325 screens in around 40 markets. The early running total has reached $47.1m and weekend business was inspired by a $3.2m number three launch in France from 388 (it ranked second in Paris).

In second weekend holds, the comedy stayed top in the UK as $3.1m from 562 raised the tally to $9.3m, and also held top in Germany on $2.7m from 527 for $7.3m.

Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga’Hoole has performed far better overseas than it has in North America and added $4.9m from 2,180 screens in 55 markets for $80.6m. Key market tallies include Russia on $8.6m after seven, Brazil on $7.2m after six, Mexico on $6.6m after six, France on $5.3m after three and the UK on $4.8m after four.

  • Despicable Me grossed $9.5m from 3,800 venues in 40 territories though Universal / UPI as the tally soared to $270.6m. Without any new openings this weekend France grabbed the headlines as the animated hit added $2.2m from 720 for $28.3m after 40 days.

The film added $1.8m in the UK for $29.1m after 31 days and stands at $9.8m in Japan after 17 days.

Devil earned $1.2m from 525 in 25 territories for $15.2m and opened in four territories including Italy, where it placed sixth on $830,000 from 200. South Korea generated $125,000 from 147 for $715,000 after two weekends.

Julia’s Eyes, Universal’s Spanish co-production with Antenna 3, held strong in Spain in second place in its third weekend, adding $1.1m from 315 for $6.3m. It is scheduled to open in France on December 22 and Mexico on February 4, 2011.

Charlie St Cloud stands at $14.2m and debuted in France in fifth place on $500,000 from 185 dates. The American opened well in limited release in Australia on $400,000 from 57. The Kids Are All Right has amassed $2m in the UK after three weekends.

Senna, the documentary about the late Brazilian Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna, opened in Brazil in sixth place on $500,000 from 111. Universal sources said this was the biggest opening ever for a Brazilian documentary and the second biggest documentary ever behind Michael Jackson’s This Is It. The running total from Brazil and Japan stands at $1.6m.

  • Jackass 3D added a further $8.3m through Paramount / PPI from 1,863 sites in 22 markets for $31.5m. The TV spin-off held top in Australia as $1.9m from 164 boosted the total to $6.7m after two weekends, and grossed $1.8m from 376 in the UK for $6.5m after two. Germany has produced $7.3m after three. There were eight launches, led by $174,000 in Brazil from 87 sites.

Paranormal Activity 2 added $5.3m from 2,954 in 39 for $74.6m and held firm at the top in its second weekend Argentina and Chile, where the running total stands at $1.4m and $530,000, respectively.

DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind added $4m from 1,108 in 11 markets for an early $27m. The film has crossed $20m in Russia after three weekends.

  • Lionsgate’s Saw 3D added $7.7m for $44.5m. The horror film stands at $12.1m in the UK, $3.2m in Japan, $2.4m in France, $2.2m in Australia, $2.1m in Sweden, $2m in Poland, $1.9m in Brazil, $1.4m in Colombia and $1.2m in Taiwan.
  • Graphic novel adaptation Red added $7.5m through Summit International’s network of buyers. The film opened in Brazil and Singapore, among others, and was active in 2,897 venues in 43 territories and stands at $52.6m.
  • Sony Pictures Releasing International’s (SPRI) The Social Networkadded $7.2m from 2,925 screens in 58 markets as the running total climbed to $76.6m. The drama opened in Italy in second place on $1.1m from 314 and also debuted top in New Zealand on $265,000 from 65. There was a rousing debut in India on $460,000 from 91, although the rank is unconfirmed.

European audiences have responded well to the Facebook drama and there were solid holds across the continent. The UK generated $675,000 from 335 in the fifth weekend for $15.5m while France has returned $12.1m after five and added $525,000 from 287.

The Julia Roberts drama Eat Pray Love grossed $2.1m from 1,760 in 68 for $118.5m. It was the top film for Danish film-goers and debuted on $320,000 from 51. Australia has generated $11.3m after six weekends, Germany $13.3m after eight and Brazil $10.1m after seven.

The Other Guys added $2.1m from 1,050 in 36 for $47.1m and opened in fourth place in Spain on $670,000 from 260. In two other launches, the comedy grossed $195,000 from 38 in Holland and $105,000 from 50 in Austria. Easy A stands at $10.2m following a $1.9m haul from 850 in 18 markets. The rom-com debuted in fourth place in Russia on $765,000 from 301 and took $725,000 from 233 in Germany to rank eighth.

  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International’s comedy You Again stands at $5.5m and Toy Story 3 is on $648m