Charles Evans Jr’s documentary tells the story of tobacco industry whistleblower Victor DeNoble who found scientific evidence of nicotine’s addictive qualities.

The film will open in New York City on Dec 14 at the Film Forum and in Los Angeles on Jan 13 2012 at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre. It will expand throughout the country in early 2012.

“Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for you and that nicotine is addictive,” Dylan Marchetti of New York-based Variance Films said. “But that’s just the tip of the iceberg here. Variance would never release a documentary where that was the big reveal… we don’t do those ‘no shit docs’ where filmmakers just preach to the choir.

“I know this film is sneaking up on people, so until you guys can see it, all I can say is that Addiction Incorporated blew me away by how much new information it packs into its 102 entertaining minutes.”