Recently launched Middle East distributors network MEDIS set its first objectives at an inaugural general assembly in Dubai on Monday (Dec 10).

“Several projects have been planned, such as conducting a study on the state of distribution in Arab countries; setting up a mechanism for the collective acquisition of film rights for the region; drafting proposals to fight piracy; and setting up a video-on-demand service,” the body’s newly elected president Mohamed Layadi of Morocco’s Marrakech Spectacles told a press briefing yesterday (Dec 12).

Layedi is joined on the board by Khaled Haddad of Jordan Pioneer Mulitmedia Production Company as vice president. Filmmaker Nabil Ayouch has agreed to take on the role of honorary president. 

Valerio Caruso, head of EU-backed body Euromed which is over-seeing development of MEDIS, said the findings of the first study would be released at a MEDIS meeting in Cannes next year.