Duncan Kenworthy and Andrew Macdonald's DNA Films, which has yet to release a film, has become the third and final UK National Lottery franchise to pass its mid-term review.

The operation can now access the remainder of the $42m (£29m) in lottery cash that it was originally awarded over six years. The review was carried out by accountants KPMG under the auspices of UK film super body the Film Council.

Despite being the only franchise to have not yet opened a film, DNA has some leeway in that its target of producing 16 titles is far less than the other franchises. Its debut film Beautiful Creatures is being released early next year.

However, the franchise is understood to have secured a highly favourable recoupment position for itself and original lottery administrator the Arts Council of England in its financing and distribution pact with Universal Pictures. Also in its favour is that a clutch of films is coming down its pipeline including Cocozza's Way (formerly titled Strictly Sinatra), The Final Curtain and The Parole Officer.

DNA has recently added a string of projects to its development slate, including an adaptation of Harland Miller's acclaimed novel Slow Down Arthur, Stick To Thirty by East Is East writer Ayub Khan-Din. Playwright Gary Mitchell is working on Once Upon A Time in Belfast, while playwright and director Paul Godfrey is writing teen drama Best Sex Of My Life.

Also fresh to DNA's development roster are comedies Back To School and Holy Holy Bus and horror project The Devil's Chamber.