The Toronto InternationalFilm Festival will present 11 world premieres, including new works from GeorgeButler, Peter Raymont and Don Boyd, as TIFF announced the bulk of its Real ToReel documentary programme.

Butler's Going Upriver The Long War Of John Kerrychronicles the career of the current US Democratic presidential nominee, whileRaymont's Shake Hands With The Devil: The Journey Of Romeo Dallaire follows the Canadian general back to Rwanda 10 yearsafter the genocide he witnessed as commander of a UN peacekeeping force. NickNolte's character in Hotel Rwanda,Terry George's fiction feature also screening at Toronto, is based on Dallaire.

UK director Boyd's AndrewAnd Jeremy Get Married tells thehistories of two lovers, a 49-year-old retired bus driver and a 69-year-oldEnglish teacher, who exchanged vows five years after they met. Other worldpremieres include The Year Of The Yao, directed by James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo, a profile of Chinesebasketball sensation Yao Ming and his first year playing professionally in theUS; Gunner Palace by MichaelTucker and Petra Epperlein, a documentary about the ongoing war in Iraq; andFrench filmmaker Caroline Martel's LeFantome De L'Operatrice, a montagefilm piecing together telephone company footage from 1910 through 1989 thattells the story of telephone operators, an invisible force of the 20thcentury.

Some of the titles willscreen in other programmes, such as Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation which screens in Visions, Patricio Guzman's SalvadorAllende which screens in Masters andMartel's film, which screens in the experimental Wavelengths. TIFF hasannounced 24 feature documentaries to date; more announcements are forthcoming.