Norway's coveted Aamot Award, given by local film distribution professionals and cinema managers, has been bestowed on Margreth Olin, one of the country's most respected documentary filmmakers.

The prize was handed out by jury president Linn Ullmann at the annual FILM&KINO meeting in capital Oslo. 'Margreth Olin has had an important voice in the social debate in Norway through her films,' said Ullmann. 'Margreth Olin's basis is herself as a human being, whether she chooses to tell about herself or the people around her. She dares to be personal and provoke.'

Olin's acclaimed films include The Soft Hands (1998), Gluttony (2000), The 7 Deadly Sins (2000) and last year's box-office surprise My Body (2002). Olin is presently finishing her latest documentary made according to Lars von Trier's Dogumentary-concept for Zentropa Real.

The Aamot Award has existed since 1959 and is considered to be among the most prestigious, as for some 30 years it was the only major cinema award in Norway.

In addition to Ullmann the jury consisted of Finn Skaarderud, Arne Chr. Thronsen, Kalle Loechen, Kristin Aalen Hundsager and Lene Loeken. Among recent recipients of the Aamot Award are Knut Erik Jensen, Liv Ullmann, Lars Saabye Christensen and Sigve Endresen.