UK distributor Dogwoof Pictures has acquired two new French titles: Fissures (Ecoute Le Temps) by Alante Kavaiteand Stolen Holidays (Les Petites Vacances)by Olivier Peyon. Both deals were struck with Wide Management in Paris.

Thriller Fissures stars Emilie Dequenne, LudmilaMikael, Mathieu Demy, Jacques Spiesser and Etienne Chicot in the story of asound engineer who begins to hear mysterious sounds after her mother's murder.Joe Dante and Elizabeth Stanley have already announced plans for an English-languageremake.

Stolen Holidays stars Bernadette Lafont as a grandmother whose behaviour becomeserratic while on a trip with her grandchildren.

Anna Godas, head of acquisitionsfor Dogwoof, said: "Ecoute Le Tempsand Les Petites Vacances are greatadditions to our slate. We are delighted to work once again with first-timedirectors, and we look forward to working with these talented filmmakers ontheir future projects."

Dogwoof recently announcedthat it also acquired Tough Enough(Knallhart).