UK distributor Dogwoof has created a film channel on blinkx's new broadband TV service BBTV.

BBTV has a unique indexing system that allows viewers to interact with online sources such as Google, Wikipedia, IMDB or other sites.

'The film industry is screaming out for a multi-layered film channel, run by professional distributors that know how to promote a film, and look after everyone's interests. This channel will be a filter for both the consumer and the rights holders, offering films from the best film producers worldwide,' said Andy Whittaker, founder and CEO of Dogwoof.

'Ultimately it's all about the customer experience, so joining forces with a leading technical partner as blinkx, is key to the success of this new film channel. We are lining up some outstanding films that will surprise and seduce our customers, and most importantly, keep them coming back,' he continued.

BBTV's download is free at and