South Korea has selected blockbuster hit Welcome ToDongmakgol as its submission to the best foreign-language film category ofthe 78th Academy Awards.

Set in a remote mountainousvillage during the Korean War, the film tells the story of two South Korean soldiers,three North Korean soldiers and a downed American pilot who end up livingtogether among villagers who are unaware that a war is taking place.

Financed and distributed bylocal major Showbox, Dongmakgol was released on August 4 and has grossedover $43m from 7 million admissions to become the biggest film of 2005. Currentlyit ranks as the fourth highest-grossing release of all time in Korea, after TaeGuk Gi (11.7m admissions), Silmido (11.1m) and Friend (8.2m).

The film, which has yet tobe bought by a US distributor, will receive its first festival screening at the upcomingPusan International Film Festival.

Dongmakgol was selected among eight submissions by afive-member jury appointed by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

Other films under considerationincluded Kim Ki-duk's 3-Iron, Lee Myung-se's Duelist, HurJin-ho's April Snow, Park Chan-wook's Sympathy For Lady Vengeance,Jeong Yun-cheol's Marathon, Ryoo Seung-wan's Crying Fist and KimJee-woon's A Bittersweet Life.