Oscar-winning Finnishproducer Jorn Donner will return to filmmaking after a six-year hiatus, asproducer of Lauri Torhonen's The Border, which marks the first feature from productioncompany Juonifilmi.

Scripted by Aleksi Bardy, The Border is based on the real-lifestory of Donner's father, which Donner told Torhonen as they collaborated onthe 1986 film The Undressing.

In the historical lovedrama, set early 1918 at the end of the Finnish Civil War, Finnish Captain vonMunck is sent to the small town of Border River between Finland and Russia,where he falls in love with a local teacher, who is secretly engaged to a RedArmy revolutionary. As the village is flooded with refugees from the Russianpurges, von Munck has to decide who will be permitted to enter into Finland; in a conflict between love an duty, his ideas ofright and wrong begin to dim.

Jounifilmi is a newsubsidiary of Swedish major Svensk Filmindustri. The company's Jarkko Hentulawill co-produce.

The cast will feature MartinBahne, Minna Haapkyla, Tommi Korpela, Lauri Nurkse and Leonid Mozgovoy.

Torhonen's eighth feature followshis 2000's local hit Abandoned Houses,also produced by Donner.

The film will be handledinternationally by Svensk Filmindustri, the film will be domestically releasedin December 2007.

The controversial andlegendary industry figure Donner has published 52 books, directed 12 features,produced more than 50 (including Oscar-winning Fanny And Alexander), and been a member of the Finnish and theEuropean parliaments. A co-founder of the European Film Academy, he has alsobeen Finland's consul general in Los Angeles.