RD Robb's Don's Plum, a controversial film about teenagers hanging out at an all-night diner, which was banned in the US by co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, has been selected for the upcoming Berlin Film Festival's Panorama section.

The film, which was shot for $100,00 over six days in 1995 and 1996, revolves around a group of friends who meet at a late-night diner where they discuss life and how to lure girls into having sex with them. Apart from now famous DiCaprio and Maguire, the film also stars Amber Benson, Scott Bloom, Kevin Connolly, Jenny Lewis, Heather McComb and Neadow Sisto.

Denmark's Zentropa sealed its reputation for handling controversial fare by acquiring world rights, excluding North America, to the film at Berlin this year. Thomas Mai, who was then head of Zentropa's Trust Film Sales, arranged for the four-year-old film to be post-produced in Denmark, after a legal battle between DiCaprio and the film's producer, David Stutman, had ended.

DiCaprio's agent attempted to block release of the low-budget film claiming that his client had never agreed to make a full-length feature and demanding DiCaprio's pre-Titantic $3m fee. Stutman filed a suit at the LA Superior Court that was settled last year, when the court decided the film could be distributed outside North America.

Trust Film Sales was recently accepted into AFMA, but continues to focus on Nordic fare handling all titles from Zentropa, Nimbus Film and Sweden's Memfis Film.