Mandarin Films' $10m DragonTiger Gate has been sold to a string of Asian territories including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, in addition to France, Benelux and the Scandinavia. Apan-Asian release is scheduled on July 28.

A co-production with BeijingPolybona, the highly anticipated picture is based on TheGate of Dragon & Tiger, the Hong Kong classic mangaabout heroism created by Wong Yuk-long 35 years ago.

"Hollywood has produced many successful comic adaptations, butvery few Chinese comics have been made into films," explains Mandarin chairman Raymond Wong.

The picture, produced by Nansun Shi, reunites director Wilson Yip with actor-actiondirector Donnie Yen, both last seen in action thriller SPL.

While Yip is developing asequel to Dragon Tiger Gate, next up for him and Yen is a follow-up to SPLwhich is due to start production as early as May. Mandarin will co-produce thefilm with Beijing Polybona.

Mandarin also has Tsui Hark's sequel to his SevenSwords and a couple of comedies in the pipeline. Wong, one of the foundersof the now defunct Cinema City, is well-known for his role as the happy ghost inthe Happy Ghost comedy series in the 1980s.