Actor Richard Dreyfuss production outfit Dreyfuss/James Prods. has pacted with Indian born writer-director Ashvin Kumar to turn his short film Road To Ladakh into a feature film.

Judith James of Dreyfuss/James Prods, who discovered the film at the Cannes Film Festival this year, will now co-produce the film with Ashvin Kumar.

The film is about a chance meeting between a dilettante American journalist and a threatening, suspicious Indian stranger in the border regions of India and Pakistan. Irfan Khan will replay his role in the feature as the Indian stranger and an American actress is likely to be cast in the role of the journalist.

Kumar told, "Judith James brings producing and development skills critical to achieve an original Indian- American tone that will make the film work in the international marketplace."

The producers are eyeing a 2004 start date and are currently casting and seeking distribution. They plan to shoot on location on the Pakistan - India border where the short film was filmed.

Ashvin Kumar studied at The London Film School and graduated with a degree in media and communications from Goldsmiths' College, University of London.

He is currently in pre-production with another short titled The Little Terrorist to be filmed in India in early 2004 for the lab at Fox Searchlight, Los Angeles.