Kristina Dubin of DubinMediahas been enlisted by three German networks as head of their US operations. Shewill represent ARD, Germany's largest broadcaster, Degeto, which is theARD-network contact for films, series and miniseries and Telepool, theall-rights distributor for German-speaking territories.

"The newconstellation of three companies under one head in the US, which started inSeptember, gives us the ability to negotiate a variety of acquisitions, rangingfrom all rights to free TV rights only, with a built-in broadcaster",said Prof. Udo Reiter, Director General of Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, one ofARD's key broadcasters.

Dubin joinedTelepool in Jan this year and has negotiated major deals including Ghosts OfThe Abyss and AroundThe World In 80 Dayswith Walden Media and Summit Entertainment.

"We arehappy to report that Degeto has already shown active involvement and picked upthe TV rights to Ghosts Of The Abyss for all broadcasters of ARD," said Hans-WolfgangJurgan, managing director of Degeto.

"Theserecent aquisitions fit the new profile and future of Telepool" adds Dr.Thomas Weymar, CEO of Telepool."We look forward to continuing an already efficient andprofessional cooperation with Ms. Dubin."