British director Duncan Jones is to helm Escape From The Deep, a film based on the non-fiction novel of the same name by British author, journalist and scriptwriter Alex Kershaw.

The book tells the true story of the Second World War US Navy Submarine, USS Tang, which malfunctioned and sank to the bottom of the Pacific. The film tracks the survivors who battle to stay alive and who are forced to swim 180 feet to the surface under threat of drowning and getting ‘the bends’.

Jones, who recently directed sci-fi thriller Moon, said: “Alex Kershaw’s book is incredible, and a powerful story that will come alive on the big screen. I’m very much looking forward to creating a tense action movie that highlights an important part of history.”

Brilliant Films is funding the development of the project through its development fund. Brilliant’s Joe Abrams and Rory Gilmartin will produce, and Kershaw will adapt the screenplay.