With over 22.1m tickets sold, the Dutch film industry stabilised its number of visitors with a strong 2007. Total gross of all theatres nationwide was $228.5m (Euros 153.8m).

That's holding mostly steady from 22.5m tickets and Euros 154.5m in 2006. (It should be noted that 2006 was calculated at 53 release weeks but only 52 weeks were counted in 2007.)

Last year's best performing titles were Warner's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Most remarkable was the success of national film productions.

With a share of 13.5% in all box office, Dutch cinema booked the best results in a decade. With more than 1.2m tickets sold, romantic comedy Love is All by director Joram Lürsen en writer Kim van Kooten has proved itself an enormous success.

Production company Motel Films has recently sold the remake rights of Love is All to Belgian producer MMG. The company plans two different remake versions, one each for the Flemish and the French markets. Other Dutch languaged successess were Where's Winky's Horse' by Mischa Kamp, Zoop in South-America by Johan Nijenhuis, Bontekoe's Shipboys by Steven de Jong en Killer Babes by Dick Maas.

More children's films lead local productions hitting screens in 2008.

Dutch Box Office Top Performers 2007
1 Pirates Of The Caribbean : At World's End Euros 10.1m
2 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Euros 10.1m
3 Love is All Euros 9.1m
4 Shrek The Third Euros 5.9m
5 Mr. Bean's Holiday Euros 4.9m
6 Ratatouille Euros 4.4m
7 Ocean's Thirteen Euros 3.2m
8 Spider-Man 3 Euros 3.2m
9 Transformers Euros 2.7m
10 The Bourne Ultimatum Euros 2.7m