The Dutch distributors ofmurdered director Theo van Gogh's latest film, 06/05, are pressing aheadwith plans to release it in the next two months.

06/05, which deals with the assassination on Dutchpolitician Pim Fortuyn in 2002, was finished just before van Gogh was shot andstabbed yesterday by a 26-year old Moroccan with a Dutch passport.

Internet provider Tiscali,which owns the rights to the Euros 2m feature, will premiere the film on theinternet in two parts on December 15.

As planned 06/05,based on a thriller by Tomas Ross, will get its cinema-release at the end ofJanuary 2005 by distributor Inspire Pictures.

The director was hoping that06/05 would also get a screening at the International Film Festival ofRotterdam (IFFR) in January. On the day of his murder, Van Gogh had arranged aspecial screening for Sandra den Hamer, director of the Rotterdam festival, andhis close friend Emile Fallaux, former director of IFFR.

Doreen Boonekamp, directorof the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht, announced yesterday that her festivalwould pay a special tribute to Van Gogh next year.