The Dutch ministries of Finance and Economic Affairs have stated they are no longer willing to provide funds for film production.

From 2005, film policy will become an exclusively cultural affair, under the aegis of the ministry of Culture. In effect this means that state support for film will fall from Euros 23m to Euros 13.8m

And while the State Secretary of Culture says she is willing to investigate the possibilities of generating private money for film production, the ministries of Finance and Economic Affairs state that even a new tool called 'cultural investment' would be considered off limits to film investors.

'With this bare approach the curtain closes for the Film Investors body,' said FINE chairman Lennert van der Meulen.

The spokeswoman of the ministry of Culture says its new film policy, 'will probably become clear in the fall, when the government presents its state budget plans for 2005.'

Today, MPs and film lobbyists are considering their next step. MP Bert Bakker states he doesn't intend on giving up trying to find new ways of finding a replacement for the CV film investment scheme.