Distributor Dutch FilmWorks has acquired 12 new titles, including David Mamet's Spartan and Kevin Reynolds' Tristan & Isolde, both sold by Franchise Pictures.

Also on Dutch FilmWorks slate is Stacey Title's Dolan's Cadillac, a thriller based on a Stephen King short story sold by Film Bridge International, and Heart Of Summer, starring Hilary Duff, sold by Kathy Morgan Intl.

Dutch FilmWorks's main line of business in the Netherlands is releasing films on DVD and video. Theatrically, the company works closely with distributors Moonlight and Arti Film, depending on the type of movie. Moonlight is approached for the more commercial films, Arti Film deals with the arthouse-productions.

Dutch FilmWorks has also obtained the rights to John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson-starrer A Love Song for Bobby Long (Kathy Morgan Int'l). Also on the release list of the company is the comedy Imaginary Heroes, the directorial debut of X-Men 2-scribe Dan Harris starring. Sigourney Weaver and Jeff Daniels, and First World War-drama The Four Saints, starring Famke Janssen and Donald Sutherland (Film Bridge International)

Dutch FilmWorks also picked up some films that will go straight to video: Ginger Snaps Back & Ginger Snaps: Unleashed, Hollywood Flies, Back in the Day, The Lost Angel, Perfect Creature, Killer Bees and Cube 0.