A Dutch comedy that deals with the contentious issues of immigration and cultural identity has been selected for the Panorama-section of the upcoming 54th Berlinale (Feb 5- 15).

Shouf Shouf Habibi, written by first-time director Albert ter Heerdt, tells the story of 20-year old Ap, a Moroccan boy born in the Netherlands who tries to find his place in Dutch society.

Ap, played by Mimoun Oaïssa, originally suggested the story line to Ter Heerdt. Most of the other parts are played by unknown actors of Moroccan origin.

Ter Heerdt said he was honoured that his first feature had been selected by 'one of the most important film festivals of the world'.

Produced by Amsterdam-based Theorema Films (behind romantic comedy Love You Too) Shouf Shouf Habib will be released in the Netherlands on Jan 29 2004 by Independent Films and Universal Pictures (Benelux).