Media and culture representatives from Holland's three largest political parties have called on the government to clarify its plans for the future of state support for film.

They want the government to plan follow-up legislation for the CV-tax scheme, which expires in December. The scheme had originally been planned to end at the beginning of 2004, but in a last minute reprieve it was granted a year long extension.

The media and culture representatives - which under Dutch parliamentary rules represent 80% of the votes on media and culture matters - asked whether the current ruling would be improved and, in case no new CV-alternative is in the pipeline, what else the government plans to do to stimulate film production.

The MPs also want to know whether or not film investment body FINE BV will be maintained and whether the government is planning to involve public broadcasters in its film support programme from 2005.

Finally, they suggested that the Secretary for the Media should strive to put the Media Plus Programme on the agenda when the Netherlands presides over the European Union in the second half of this year.

Answers are expected next month.