Four Dutch Oscar-winners - Fons Rademakers (The Assault, 1986), Marleen Gorris (Antonia's Line, 1995), Mike van Diem (Character) and Michael Dudok de Wit (Father And Daughter, 2000) - have published an open letter to the next Dutch government urging for continuation of the present level of film funding.

The letter, pleading for the continuation of tax-benefits to investors in Dutch films, is addressed to CDA politician Piet Hein Donner, who is trying to form a new government in the Netherlands, after the elections of two weeks ago. The current regulations expire at the end of this year, with no new arrangements established by the former Dutch government.

The quartet fear that without rapid action the Dutch film climate will deteriorate. Existing funding has resulted in a new wave of Dutch movies, that have also been successful at the local box office.

Last year local productions took more than 10% of total Dutch cinema admissions - compared to just 0.8% in the nineties.