Dutch production company Egmond Film and Television (responsible for Oscar-winner Antonia's Line) has become one of the major backers of Oliver Stone's Alexander, currently shooting in the UK.

Egmond, which is investing Euros 15m - some 10% of the budget, will in return participate in the film's profits - which is due to be released at the end of 2004.

Warner Bros has North and Latin American rights to the film and recently picked up UK, Australia and New Zealand. Shochiku and Nippon Herald jointly acquired Japanese rights, while Pathe is handling the film in France and Benelux, Constantin in Germany, Tri Pictures in Spain, Woo Sung Cinemas in Korea, Nordisk in Scandinavia, SPI International for the Czech Republic and for Slovakia and Spentzos in Greece.

Egmond previously was involved in Renny Harlin's as yet unreleased action thriller Mindhunters, which was shot entirely in the Netherlands.