Dutch film- and television production companies Motel Films & IDTV Film have joined forces. From January 1st, two parties continued together under the name of IDTV Film.

IDTV will also house its drama activities in IDTV Film. Motel Films chairmen Jeroen Beker and Frans van Gestel had concluded that in order to attain the ambitions for the future, it was necessary to expand.

IDTV was looking for further artistic continuity for the film company, as well as their drama department. The company is keen to expand its drama output as a result of the new collaboration.

The new managament consists of Jeroen Beker en Frans van Gestel. IDTV chairman Anton Smit maintains his position as independent creative producer for the next years. IDTV chairman Hanneke Nines has decided not to join the new collaboration and will go on as an independent producer.

In recent years, IDTV Film has enjoyed great success with films such as the Oscar nominated Twin Sisters, the Emmy awarded The Chosen One, Godforsaken, Family and Cloaca. Motel Films has produced a number of notable and award-wining films, such as The Polish Bride, In Oranje and All is Love.

The name Motel Films remains a label for art movies.