Dutch independent television productioncompany Eyeworks is expanding into film production. The creator of successfulTV formats as The National IQ Test and The 10' is working on twoprojects to be filmed in 2006.

Dutch producer Rolf Koot, co-creator of AllStars and executive of its English remake Things To Do Before You're 30,has been appointed head of the drama department.

Eyeworks is a young and independentproduction company, with television formats broadcast in more than 26 countriesaround the world, including Germany, the UK, France, the United States andJapan.

The two titles Eyeworks has announced are ThePresident, the adaptation of a grim novel by Dutch best seller writerRonald Giphart, and Into Africa, a film based on the life of the DutchSerengeti Symphony-director Hugo van Lawick. The latter will be written anddirected by Jean van de Velde, co-creator of All Stars and director ofnational box office hits such as Leak and The Little Blonde Death.