Representing more than 50% of total European video sales, 2002's European DVD sales are estimated to be 20% ahead of 2001 at some Euros 11bn, according to the International Video Federation.

In addition, the number of DVD players doubled last year, going from 13.5 million in 2001 to approximately 28 million in 2002.

Charlotte Lund Thomsen, director general of the IVF said "So far feature films have represented the biggest part of the European video market, even more so for VHS than for DVD. In 2002 the stronger performance of other genres is noticeable: animation, music, humour and other audiovisual programmes such as TV-fiction documentaries and sport."

Meanwhile video research organisation MRIB has revealed that DVD out-rented VHS for the first time ever last week - both in the UK and the US>

Figures released by MRIB reveal that while the UK's total rental market was down 5% last week, DVD claimed 51.6% of the rental market - a feat attributed largely to the success of XXX.

In the US, the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA)revealed that for the week ending March 16, DVD rental generated $80m compared to VHS's $78m - the first time ever that DVD has outperformed VHS in the rental sector.