Project: Homecoming
Scr: E J-Yong
Estimated budget: $2.7m (Eu2m)

South Korean director E J-Yong is one of Asia's leading arthouse directors. His 2003 film, Untold Scandal, was the first Korean costume drama to attract more than 3 million admissions.

His new project, Homecoming, was first selected for the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) in March. It is a project, says J-Yong, that is influenced by the life of his own father.

E J-Yong took a long look through the past, including the Korean War, and his own mother's death, in order to understand his father more deeply.

'He is part of a generation slowly being lost, a generation which holds memories not found anywhere on this planet,' E J-Yong explains.

'A world colonised and liberated, a war, a country divided, the loss of his hometown, and a family separated. He has been through these tumultuous times, but they can now be looked at as a past time remembered only in history books.

The film is about reaching an age nearing death and how a great tragedy in history has changed one man's life.'

The film will be produced by Ellen Kim of Seoul-based BOM Production, which has previously made Kim Jee-woon's 2003 critical and box-office success A Tale Of Two Sisters and 2005's A Bittersweet Life.