Ealing Studios International has announced that it has concludedanother three key deals for the distribution of UK box-office hit St Trinian's.

The deals, announced Aug 26, have Neo Classics taking United States, Alliance taking Canada and Filmax taking Spain.

Making the announcement, Barnaby Thompson, Head of Studio, EalingStudios said: 'We've had lots of interest since Cannes, but obviouslythe United States in particular is a key market for us, and we had avery clear vision of what we wanted to achieve internationally with thefilm.Neo Classics shared our vision and impressed us enormously withtheir enthusiasm and understanding of how they can make St Trinian's a success in the States.

'Also, we are very pleased with our deals for Canada and Spain whichwill enable us to reach a much wider audience.Both Alliance and Filmaxare terrific partners for releasing the film,' Thompson said.

'St Trinian's is a recognisedfranchise in the UK and we believe that this film will work very wellin the States,' said Michael Kananack, NeoClassics vice president forsales and acquisitions.

NeoClassics Films CEO Irwin Olian, who negotiated the deal with EalingStudios' International Head of Sales, Natalie Brenner, praised Thompsonand his team and added:'We are excited to be developing a relationshipwith them and expect to see strong results from St Trinian's in the US market.'

Produced and directed by Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson, and starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth, St Trinian's has grossed more than $24.8m internationally since it opened in the UK last Christmas.